The food scene of Jacksonville, Florida has been attracting a lot of attention these days and for good reasons as well. Consider this for a fact: as many as 15 of America’s Best Chefs hail from this town alone! So, be it fine dining, the steakhouse variety, the French bistro style, the Jax food scene offers you all. Again, here is something more to marvel at: there are more than 50 great food places in the Jacksonville core downtown area alone.
This is enough to get all the traveling foodies highly excited already, we assume! But did you know that the town also hosts a great number of food events all year round? And what better occasion than these food fests if you are interested not only in the culinary delicacies but also in savoring the culture and the local flavor of the place? So, below are three of the most famous and popular food events of Jacksonville Fl that will let you taste the bests of the food scene of the town, but also tastefully complimented by music, arts, and many other exciting live entertainment activities.

3 Great Food Events in Jacksonville Florida

  • Gourmet Burger Bash
    Come June 22 this year and you can join this one-day event to taste some of the best offerings from two celebrity chefs of the town, Korey Konopasek and Dennis Chan, Head Chefs, and owners of Epik Burger and Blue Bamboo, respectively—the two famous eating destinations of the town.
    The event is tailor-made for all lovers of a variety of yummy sliders and of exotic Asian cuisine. Drop in any time between 4 PM and 7 PM and indulge in this ‘epic’ feast. Adult tickets are priced at $15 and include four of the best gourmet sliders from the two restaurants. Then, there is a Kids ticket ($8) that covers 2 standard burgers, chips, soft drink, and a special Blue Bamboo dessert. Apart from what is covered by your ticket, make sure to check out the Le Steakhouse Burger, Il Delizioso Burger, the Khao Soi Burger from Blue Bamboo and the Epik’s BLT Burger.
    Location: Epik Burger on the Atlantic Boulevard


  • Taste of the Neighborhood
    If you want to join a full-fledged mega food event at Jacksonville, aim for this one. This one is a great family-friendly event with lots of interesting activities including arts, music, kids entertainments and more. It is a popular event with the Jacksonville locals and you will get to learn a lot about the community culture of the town by participating in the event.
    And as for food, there is no dearth of that either! More than 50 local restaurants as well as local food vendors and food trucks participate in the event and offer a wide array of incredibly tasty and delicious treats. What is more, there is a food contest as well and the nominating categories include Best Seafood, Best Soul Food, Cake Queen, Food Truck Wars, Wing King and many more.
    The 2019 edition of the fest is dated August 31, 1 PM to 7 PM.
    Location: Ramona Flea Market Field on Ramona Boulevard


  • Seafood & Soul Festival
    And how can the food event calendar for the ‘river city by the sea’ be complete without a seafood festival? So, come October and the town will host the Seafood Soul Festival. And if you happen to be a soul and seafood lover, you’ll hate to miss this one. Besides the food, there will also be live entertainment as well as attractive displays by the community vendors of jewelry, clothing, art, household products and more. Part of the profit from this event will go towards the Edith Marie Foundation, an organization committed to empowering the lives of people fighting breast cancer.
    The 2019 edition of the festival will take place on Sat, Oct 19, from 12-5 PM.
    Location: Morocco Shrine Center on St. Johns Bluff Road South

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